We are super futur.
We write music,
record sounds
& make devices.


We produce original music for films, video games, theater in any given genres. We just need a clear brief and time to discuss ideas, references and the role of the music in your project. Our friends & collaborators are pianists, lyrical singers, recording studio owners… We can rely on a large palette of talent and professional equipment.

Sound design

Creating sounds, noises, assembling a detailed and elegant realistic universe is one of the most interesting things we can do. We like to experiment and try several approaches before committing to the final method that will give a « signature » sound to our project.

Instruments & Devices

We are as passionate by sounds & music than by the tools to produce them. That is why a lot of our time is dedicated to creating instruments, plugins, pedals, modules, synths, sequencers…. If you are interested in discovering our devices let us know.